Honest Goggle Sniper Review - Google Sniper 3.0 2016


Today Im going to be doing a google sniper review on what I think is the base of Internet Marketing that I first learned 4 years ago today. I'll first start off by saying this course wont be the read all end all of IM courses on the internet. You will have to implement a lot of your own ideas with this. But what it does is teach you the basics of how the internet is ran, and how people make money from it on a day to day level. Are people getting rich overnight?

Well some people are, while millions of others are not. Its all about how you take the information from this course and then spin it to suit your own needs. For example, I read this full course from front to back about ten times. I then had think of multiple different websites and how I was then going to monetize that to make money from it based on certain factors. If I was targeting a lot of traffic volume and after working the numbers out I thought maybe it could be enough for display advertising then I would go with that. But if the numbers were too low in traffic volume I would try to monetize it another way. Now that right here is what I am talking about when I mean spin your own ideas out of the course.

You will also learn some very cool stuff in that matter. George explains many different things to you about keyword research, which he says and in my opinion is the root to success in internet marketing. He describes to you how to find root keyword and then branch off from there with LSI keywords and long tale keywords as well. This is a major benefit for when you first start you internet marketing research and need to find a niche that is not over populated and competitive. Below is a google sniper review and it explains about what you can expect from Google Sniper 3.0
Now after watching that, if your not convinced then well, I guess you can get ready and go back to your shitty job. But if you are the slightest bit interested then I suggest you read on. To be completely honest with you, 4 years ago I did not know anything about Internet marketing. And I was just like you, sitting on google one night googling how to make money online and how to get rich. lol Then I came upon Georges courses and it gave me a base on which I could learn from and go from. Im not saying this course will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, but it will give you a great base for internet marketing where you can start and stem your career from. Now some people have had huge success with this course, and have made a lot of money online. Why? Because it actually works, and what he teaches you is real life internet marketing and how it really works. I will say some of his techniques are a little outdated. But eh, like I told you before, this course is a base for you to start at and to earn a little bit of money to further your career in IM.

Anyways, I think I have blabbed enough about this, all I can say to you is this. If you truly hate your job and want to change careers and try something different, and your interested in making a good income online that will last for many years, then pick up his course and try it. He offers your a full money back gaurantee for 60 days, so you even have some time to put it to use. George is our there to offer help to people who are just starting out and he does a great job at it. Thats it for me. Try his course, and change your life. I know I did 4 years ago, and I'll never look life the same again. Possibilities are endless now, and I am truly excited about my life.

Cheers folks and Welcome to the IM World.

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Uncensored secrets in the bedroom

How to eat a girl out

So have you ever wondered how to become that pro lover? Be the partner that just wows your significant other every time in bed? Well today we are going to go over some tips on just one small topic, "How to eat a girl out". 

I know, I bet you think I that you dont need any tips in this section. Well I would advise you to stop there! Let me ask you this, have you ever went down below on your partner, getting ready to eat her out. You start doing your thing and no more then a minute late she is pulling you head up out of there! Well, I have been there too, and at the time I was thinking that maybe I was doing such a kick ass job. But the truth was, I completely sucked at it, and she just wanted me up out of there, and to move on to something else. 

eating a girl out

So today lets get started. Eating a girl out? Thats the magic question of the day. To start your going to want to start with some kissing, and making your way down her neck. While making your way down her neck and across her breast, feel free to give her nipples a couple licks too. Not to much now, as we just want to play the game of tease. Once you get down within the vaginal area, you don't want to go straight to it. Remember the game of teasing. You want to start by kissing and around the outer lips of the vagina, and the inner thigh. Spending to much time on the inner thigh though, may put you to ruins. As this is an area that she may like the arousal or its just going to make her laugh and kick your ass out of there. 

So once your down and licking around the vagina, you should start by gently opening up the inner lips of the vagina. Start with some long licks starting at the bottom of the vagina making your way to the top. When you get to the top, you can then start licking the clitoris back and fourth with little quick licks. This will make the vagina nice and wet. Continue doing this and you wont go wrong. Some people like to throw in some combo moves, where you do a long lick from bottom to top, then a flick of the clitoris, and a kissing of the inner and outer vagina. 

picture of vagina

For an added bonus, this will require you to get in real deep. So I hope you dont mind getting your face a little wet. You can open the vagina up, with your fingers, and insert your tongue directly in the vagina. Start moving your tongue up and down while in side. Remember to go in real deep here. You want to arouse the vagina internally. Doing this with combinations of the other moves, will be sure to make your partner scream your name in bed, and keep your romantic life spiced up!

Hope you have enjoyed this little run through, on how to eat pussy and if you have any questions or want to add something to this, feel free to message me at any time. 

Timothy Landon
Blogging Guy